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Book More Gigs

TinyGig for Artists- Book More Gigs

TinyGig is a live music marketplace

TinyGig is changing the world of live music. Our mission is to bring together professional musicians and ordinary folks to facilitate live music in unique settings. Anyone can book an artist to play at their own private show or party.

  • Play more live shows and the coolest parties
  • Unique settings allow you to connect with fans in intimate ways
  • Empowers musicians to choose when and where they are available
TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Matching Musicians who want to play live music...

...with People who want to host live music.

Share your
directly with your fans

TingGig provides huge benefits for artists.

TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Earn More Money

With TinyGig you decide the price per hour and are guaranteed income from every show.

  • Set your own price
  • Guaranteed payout
  • Not based on ticket sales
TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Fill Your Calendar

Publicize your calendar to fill dates according to when you are available.

  • Play more shows
  • Schedule your time better
  • Only show dates you are available
TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Build a Fan Base

TinyGig gives you the opportunity to connect with more people in an intimate way.

  • Exposure to new audiences
  • Create a personal connection
  • Intimate settings

A live music marketplace that makes it easy to book gigs.


TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Publish your artist page with information, terms, pricing, and availability so people can find you.


TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

When a request come in, you can review the terms and communicate with your host.


TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Accept the booking request and get ready to play your next gig!

your music career

TinyGig - Live Music Everywhere

Want to become a TinyGig artist?

TinyGig is in beta and only available in select cities. Please fill out the form below if you are interested!

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